New Table Talk Podcast Episodes

Episode 44 "Gainful Employment"  04-10-19

Trevor goes it alone and attempts to entertain without his trusty sidekick. Let's see how he fairs!

Episode 33 "We're Getting There"  01-17-19

Ben tells Trevor his preferred partner for the next tournament on February 2nd. A sneak peek is revealed at Ben's new design for the next tournament!

Episode 32 - "If You Collect Enough Bens"  01-15-19

Ben and Trevor might certify the results of the 2018 season...maybe. The indecision is heavy in this week's episode.

Episode 30 "I like this Alternate Universe" 01/10/19

Ben and Trevor return to the official podcast of The Euchre-ist League for the 2019 season. Unfortunately, the overall points winner of the 2018 season is still in question.

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