The 2019 Season is Upon Us!

Who will be crowned this years champion? A fresh slate, new tournament format, a chance for glory!

Season II is here...

For those of you who missed the live broadcast earlier today (01-07-19), the hosts of Table Talk, official podcast of the Euchre-ist League, announced the official start of Season II! Those watching met the news with praise, as the commissioner and deputy commissioner maintained radio silence since last years Due Season Cometh Tournament, where Ben pulled out a stellar victory (along with Tammy who was awarded the Assister trophy). Yes, it looked bleak for the League, but we are back and rolling stronger than ever!

Big announcements

In the 45 minute rambling episode of Table Talk, Trevor and Ben hinted at a couple changes that players will be in for during official tournament play this season. This is what we were able to gather from their diabolic schemes:

1) No more progressive style play

After much deliberation, the Euchre-ist League administration has concluded that a partner-based tournament style will promote more consistent performance of play and overall, increase the competitiveness in reach the top payout spots. Another benefit that they seem to hint at is the ability to swap in partners, making it almost a team-based approach to euchre. More details to come when they are known!

2) As if a website wasn't enough

The Euchre-ist League is excited to announce its monthly newsletter. This will provide members and participants with the most urgent news and event calendars to keep everyone up to date.

3) Table Talk makeover/ destination podcasting

The hosts of Table Talk have been working on their production skills and are happy to announce that they will be bring you an enhanced version of the widely loved podcast, Table Talk... of course! We hope that our efforts will please all the sensations; for those of you who thought Ben couldn't look any better!

4) Traveling Trophies

As we all remember with remorse, the 2018 season was riddled with bad luck for our trophies. Between vandalism, loss, and possibly even theft, the majority of The League's trophies have vanished without a trace. A new scheme for official trophies and travel trophies is being worked on as we speak!

I am sure we can all say that this season is going to be full of surprises. It will be exciting to see who comes out on top; will Vitamin C maintain is title as highest season point holder? Will Melissa dominate the tournament victory category for two straight years? Will someone finally win on their birthday namesake tournament?!

Until then, good luck this season!

-Euchre-ist Admin


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