Tournament Announcement! The Due Season Cometh, Nov 10th

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

It is among us! The last tournament of Season I is here and it's everyone's last chance to boost scores in hopes of taking the first four ranks. For many, this tournament will serve as a stabilizer, hoping to score enough to fix their standings. For others, it is the last chance to win an actual tournament before the season closes out. Will it be a Cinderella story? Can any of the past winners take home another Loner? Only time will tell in our First Annual, THE DUE SEASON COMETH!!!

The Details

As the poster reads, our friends at the 42 Ale House have allowed us once again to host our event in their private room; it is highly appreciated once again! 42 Ale house offers a great variety of beer and mixed drinks, coupled with great food to allow an all in one spot convenience for our event. The private room keeps our tournament progressing, but allows for a very breathable atmosphere, easily connected to the bar and food service areas during down time.

What you need to know for November 10th, 2018:

- Check-in for the event is between 2:30 and 2:55pm. Tournament play starts promptly at 3:00pm.

- Entry fee is $10, with a $1 euchre fee per euchre.

- Highest point total wins across 8 rounds, max 8 hands played each round.

Other than that, just remember that the 42 Ale House is a bar and anyone under the age of 21 must be accompanied by an adult. The event is open to all ages. If you would like to sign up for The Due Season Cometh!!! tourney, please email with the name(s) of player(s) and contact information (either email and/or phone).

What will you reap from this season?

- Euchre-ist League Admin

42 Ale House

3807 S Packard Ave, St Francis,

WI, 53233 - (414) 249-4952

42 Ale House was founded in 2015 as a pub-style follow up to 42 Lounge in downtown Milwaukee. In mid 2016 the two companies split into separate, privately owned businesses. Since that time 42 Ale House has remained dedicated to cultivating a relaxed and inviting space with a geeky vibe that appeals to a wide variety of patrons. In addition to a large selection of tabletop games, we also have consoles, tournaments, streamed events, wifi for handheld play, and a selection of gaming themed cocktails. Come down to play a few games, chat about Lord of the Rings, debate Star Trek vs. Star Wars, catch up on Doctor Who, pre-game for conventions, post-game for Ren Faire, or just relax after a long day at work. We specialize in craft beer, home-made pub food, and witty banter

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