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Updated: Sep 21, 2018

You have all been heard! Alast, after great trials and tribulations, after unheard cries and prayers, The Euchre-ist League now, after long await, has a website! We are happy to announce that the EuchreistLeague.com will serve as the league's members (and lurkers) headquarters for all the latest, breaking news, freshest episodes of Table Talk, open-source records of member stats, and all the hot and juicy gossip you can handle!

The Euchre-ist League's calling card... refined. Look at that quality photoshopping work. Immaculate; praise the Euchre Lord!

A Website... thats cool....

As you may have already found, EuchreistLeague.com is broken up into several pages housing all the League's happenings. Here is a little guide to what and where you'll find anything that your little heart desires:


As the name states, this will be your stream for written news including but not limited to tournament announcements, ongoing gags, topic-pieces, surveys and polls, etc. Perhaps the best part of this thread is that it is generated by user-based content submissions; that's right, You! If you would like to contribute to the growing community, email your article to EuchreistLeague@gmail.com.

Grooviness served weekly.

Table Talk

As the name states Again... obvious. Your top-searched podcast on all major podcast providers, Table Talk can now be found in yet another site! This one! Relive classic moments from the audio wonders and visual delicacies that are the co-hosts of Table Talk, as they navigate the vast unknown of euchre strategy... that's right, color psychology.

About Us

Every site needs one, we got one, with a twist. Not only does this page tell who we are as a group, but it gives you the exciting opportunity to give yourself a brief bio and shout-out in our member bio section! This is totally voluntary, and can be changed in the future upon request. Email us at EuchreistLeague@gmail.com if you would like to see your name and caption on our titular page.

Hall of Fame

Here shall house the seasons current statistics as bestowed upon us by his holiness, The Commissioner. After every sanctioned event, a newly posted scoreboard will be available in the following days after said event. Season overall ranks and specific tournament results will be held separately, ready for your viewing pleasure.

Contact Us

You know the speel ...

What have we learned:

  1. This website... seems like a good idea!

  2. Find all the latest news under News. Maybe we can make some "fake" news.

  3. Stats can be found in the Hall of Fame

  4. There's no excuse to miss Table Talk weekly

  5. Contact EuchreistLeague@gmail.com with your complaints...

Looking forward to this crazy trip!

-Euchre-ist League Admin

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