Euchre Practices Announced!

Milwaukee Euchre fans rejoice! The Euchre-ist League admins have released two dates for Euchre practice before our next sanctioned tournament; coincidentally also leaked on

The Euchre-ist League's practice is a great chance for our members to get together and explore new possibilities in partnerships, strategy, and learning new aspects and variants of the great game we play! Not only built for our current player-base, this is a great opportunity for newcomers to jump in with low stakes (totally free) and learn about how our League operates and the playstyle of our consensus. Regardless, it is a great opportunity to play some old fashion Euchre with a lot of different players!

The most exciting aspect of of these sessions is to explore and learn new variants of Euchre. For those who have participated in League tournament play, the League has stuck to partner and progressive single play. At practice, we can be more flexible with how we would like to play; whether it be 3 player euchre, SMitty, English Euchre, or 32 card deck Euchre, we are open to playing any and all types of Euchre here! Hate stick the dealer? Even that can be negotiated at the table!

Above all else, our practice sessions are here to help players who have never played a game of Euchre before. New comers with no experience can expect a fostering environment, where you can effectively learn with lessons and actual hands on play! It has never been easier to learn trick-taking based games than these Friday nights!

Make sure to check calendar section on the Homepage to see when and where practices will be taking place. Also, make sure to check our Facebook events page to tell us if you are going and/or are interested in going!

Until next time, call trump always!

-Euchre-ist Bystander


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