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Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Hello to everyone out in Euchre Land! Greetings to you from our new website and glad to be on the internet finally! Whether you have been with the League for a while, or have just stumbled on our happy gang of trick-takers, we hope you'll take the time to get to know us get to know you!

That's right! What other organization wants to get to know you? This one does, and we hope that you'll email us at if you are interested in reserving your spot at one of our next events. You may even want to be notified when pick-up games are announced at a moments notice.

But really, who are you?

For those of you who have been with the League long enough, and are bold enough to tout your euchre-playing expertise publically, we encourage our members, both new and old, to submit a short bio about yourself! Some suggestions on what you could include are:

  • Euchre career length

  • Past performance, styles of play

  • How you found the Euchre-ist League

  • What are your future intentions in the League/ next tournament

  • Other mundane things that don't relate to euchre

If your interested in submitting a short bio, email so that we can put it up on our About Us page!

Be easy and keep playing euchre!

-Euchre-ist League Admin

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