A New Scoresheet?

As you may have heard from the wildly popular podcast, Table Talk, a new scoresheet may be circulating around. After much deliberations by host Trevor and Ben, the ultimate decision was to leave it to the League to decide its fate. Here at last is the proposed Sexy Sexy Scoresheet 2.1.

Advanced Metrics

As you may have seen, the new Sexy Sexy Scoresheet still has its original four parameters of performance; points per hand average (pnt/hnd Avg), loner and euchre percentages, and total points, which remains the most important factor for performance in a tournament setting. Where version 2.1 take us is from lower elementary computation to theoretical interpretation of a players true aptitude under various conditions in tournament play! They are presented in the order they appear in the spreadsheet above.

Trick Winning %

(# Tricks / (# Hand x 5))

This first metric is a little broad, as it can be interpreted many ways in a tournament scenario. Taking the total amount of tricks taken divided by the number of hands a player has played can show how well a player is doings at taking tricks, also how "correct" their playing is. Additionally, it will also work in tandem with the "Activity Profile" calculation. A higher percentage for this stat can be interpreted as a player taking more tricks, being more active in the game, as well as the player having better hands when compared to other players.

Scoring Efficiency

(# Points / # Tricks)

Our second metric dives more into how well a player scores points based on the number of tricks taken throughout a tournament. in this, taking the total points and dividing it by the number of tricks taken results in a percentage that can be interpreted as how efficiently a player is scoring based on the number of tricks that they have taken.

Activity Profile

(Loner + Euchre + # Tricks) / # Hand

The third metric measures exactly what it infers; a players activity or part in the game. We take the total tricks, loner, and euchre raw data and divide that by the number of hands played by that player. In this stat, we look at the influence a single player has on the games involved in the tournament, with a positive correlation in the data. This means that the higher your activity profile number is, the more you have influenced the game by your calls and plays.

Risk Index

(# Euchre / (# Loners + (Points/6) +1))

Our last metric relates to how risky or risk-adverse a player is in a given tournament. It uses how many euchres a player has accumulated and divides it by the number of loners and points scored in a tournament. The higher your risk index infers your proneness to taking more risk in calling less than stellar hands.

We want to hear what you think of the new modifications! Leave a comment, like, and share this post with others who may have something to say! A future segment will be released describing edits and feedback as it comes in.

Best to you and yours on your travels!

- Euchreist Admin

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