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The Euchre-ist League is a homegrown, Euchre-centric group that hosts tournaments and games within the Greater Southeastern Wisconsin area. 

Along with our tournaments, The Euchre-ist League hosts an official podcast, Table Talk, a weekly discussion of League happenings, announcements, and guest appearances from our League members. For our newer players, we also have several opportunities for pick up games between big events to help teach, forge partnership (for partner events), and build our community.

Trevor Holwell
His Holiness

Holwell's career in euchre has been well established in several Midwestern states, bringing a reputation for no nonsense play. Having studied the game with several other League members in his formative years, it was Holwell's idea to start a League, if for nothing else, to make himself feel better about getting another chance to crush his opposition.

As commissioner of the League, Holwell is captain of official League announcement, rule/code implementation, as well as serving as the law of the land for all activities under the League. He, along with his sidekick, co-host the podcast Table Talk, in which Holwell  runs the 1's and 2's, providing additional post-production glory to each and every episode.

Lover of fine, craft cocktails, long bike rides on the beach, and fine, supel audio snippets, Holwell can be found working like a slave to the man most days, longing to play euchre once again...

Benjamin Kluge
 Deputy Commissioner, His Majesty

Perhaps the most dashing of euchre players in the League, Kluge has become well known for his risk in-adverse style of play. Often are the times when players cannot quite understand calls and passes, leading many to believe that he does not actually know how to play euchre...

As deputy commissioner, Kluge is responsible for generating content and outreach to the League through social media and our hosting site. On top of that, he serves as co-host on the widely popular podcast, Table Talk, serving as comic relief when all else fails.

When not winning tournaments (either first or second place), Kluge can be found in the Greater Milwaukee area modeling, smoking fine cigars, DJing, or just hanging around being the business magnate that he is.

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